I am a full-stack developer that focuses mainly on languages that run on the JVM. I am also well versed in Javascript. I have done development for 8+ years mainly in retail industry. I enjoy functional programming and proper automated testing. I work with teams to overhaul their projects, improve code quality and address culture. I am learning how to mentor developers and teams. I am an extrovert and enjoy speaking in almost any setting.

I am focused on horizontally scaled applications that are stateless and separate state from logic. I have been using the CQRS architecture with success recently. I am a fan of lean methodologies and also feedback driven decisions. I love a good challenge and the opportunity to go in and ‘smash things up.’ I believe that less code is better code. I enjoy trunk based development with continuous integration with a solid pyramid of tests.

Feel free to checkout my Github account or my linkedIn profile. I also have a twitter account but I don’t use it that much.